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Taste Of Louisiana Cafe Denham Springs, LA, new sign

taste of louisiana cafe signTasteOfLousianaCafe.com – Taste Of Louisiana Cafe, Denham Sprigns, LA, new sign

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We have a new sign out front. Stop by and visit. Great place for lunch, or to meet friends in the evening and have a glass of wine and supper.

To view our menu click here. You may print it right from  our web site if you’d like.

We look forward to seeing you!

Taste Of Louisiana Cafe


Capital Region Business News

businessBusinessReport.com reminded us that some very good business was conducted in 2008 to bring jobs to the Capital Region in 2009, and beyond.

Albemarle Corp, Bass Pro Shops, Baton Rouge Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, ExxonMobil, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Perkins Rowe, II City Plaza, and Woman’s Hospital are all featured. The impact of each is examined.

These projects, and the sales of our CELEBRATED BURGERS, may create the budget surplus we all hope for.

Let the burger eating begin!

How to Impress Your Valentine on Feb 14th

valentineOK, doing your best impression of Marlon Brando is not going to impress your Valentine this Valentine’s Day. Nor will just flowers, jewelry, or even a new car. But a good Marlon Brando impression, flowers, jewelry, a new car and most importantly, one of our made-in-house desserts, like…

  • Sweet Potato Bread Pudding
  • Fruit Cobbler
  • Brownie à la mode

…will be sure to IMPRESS YOUR VALENTINE.

Happy Valentines Day from Taste of Louisiana Cafe!

Click here to see more MENU items

Red Stick Farmers Market of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A wonderful video about great FRESH FOOD offered right here in the Baton Rouge – Denham Springs Area.

Red Stick Farmers Market is a project of the Big River Economic and Agricultural Development Alliance (BREADA). Great job folks!

Let’s eat!

THE ADVOCATE – “Taste of Louisiana Cafe” REVIEW

reviewTHE ADVOCATE Restaurant Reviewer, Judy Bergeron, reported, “Taste of Louisiana Café lives up to its name”.

Thank you for coming in, and we are very happy you enjoyed our “feta smokehouse burger” and our “sweet potato bread pudding“. Like everything else on our MENU, we make these with pride. We always welcome comments on our food and service, and we will use that feedback to continually improve. We strive to deliver the best food and service in Louisiana.

Warm Up with Taste of Louisiana Cafe’s CRAB ANGELA

tolnowWhile the rare Denham Springs, Lousiana snow may be gone for the year or decade, we will still have some cold days.

So, if you want to get warmed up, then stop by the Taste of Lousiana Cafe and try some of our CRAB ANGELA – a cup of creamy shrimp & corn soup and a stuffed crab served with garlic bread.

Bercen Inc. Moving HQ to Denham Springs, LA

bercenRhode Island-based Bercen Inc. will be moving its headquarters to Denham Springs, Louisiana. The TASTE OF LOUISIANA CAFE wants to say “WELCOME!” and we think you are going to like Louisiana Cookin’. We make some really good food down here.

If you are looking for a great place to eat, or simply want to order TAKEOUT and get back to the office, be sure to check out our ONLINE MENU (printable menu too).