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Junior Blake Dean to return to LSU

Junior Blake Dean, MVP of the 2008 SEC Baseball Tournament, will return to LSU for his senior year! We are glad he turned down the Twins, decided to remain in school and return to Baton Rouge in the Fall. We wish success to the Tigers in 2010!!!


Why we believe MLB Baseball David Dullucci’s alligator story

The Plain Dealer Reporter’s article was titled “Dellucci’s alligator tale is very fishy”. Apparently, Baton Rouge resident and Cleveland Indians baseball star, David Delluccicalled three reporters to his locker and showed them his thumb. He said he’d been bitten by an alligator while saving a boy’s life…Two of the three reporters, eager for a story, took the bait hook, line and sinker before Dellucci smiled and confessed.”

Then Dellucci admitted he actually had smashed his thumb while closing his trailer tailgate on February 1 at his home in Baton Rouge.

However, after digging a little, we still believe that David Dellucci might really have been bitten by an alligator.


Here is a photo of him showing his injured left hand to the coaches and trainer. These animals are so stealth, Dellucci’s coach does not even realize the gator is back and about to bite his foot.


And here is another picture of David Dellucci casually running from a large Louisiana alligator, in full uniform in Baton Rouge this winter, while getting ready for spring training. David, you may want to recalculate just how fast they are, and especially, at this size.


But this… this here is the smoking gun.


David, we hope you heal fast, and stay away from those “gators“.


mittUSA Today’s Andy Gardiner reports“…coach Paul Mainieri has restored the once-dominant Tiger program to national prominence. He led LSU to the College World Series last June and, featuring a 2009 lineup littered with possible first-round draft picks, the Tigers are the preseason favorite in the USA TODAY/ESPN American Baseball Coaches Association poll.