LSU baseball headed to NCAA World Series in Omaha

lsutailgatorsLSU knocked it out of the park at Alex Box Stadium on Saturday and will play in the Baseball College World Series game on June 13th!

Our Tigers will play either Ole Miss or Virginia in Omaha, Nebraska. GEAUX TIGERS!! Get your coolers ready for some Tailgator Tailgating!


2 responses to “LSU baseball headed to NCAA World Series in Omaha

  1. Ticketplease

    Watching the 3rd game in the 5th inning right now. Louisiana native and I’m screaming at the TV. I’m not a big baseball fan at all. LSU football oh yea! What’s with the coach??? Send in another pitcher. The pitcher in the game can throw nothing but fastballs. He should have taken him out in the 3rd but no. Here we are in the 5th and the announcers saying hopefully he can get a few more guys out of him, WHAT???? Texas puts in pitchers on strike 2 ball three. Right in the middle of a hitter, not even wait till the next hitter. What is it with this coach???? COACH ‘EM UP!!!! Well…..back to the screaming!

  2. Ticketplease

    Now in the 6th the Texas pitcher falters for just a second and they have 2 yes 2 pitchers up warming up.