Mardi Gras King Bacchus to rule New Mexico?

Val Kilmer King of Bacchus 2009

Val Kilmer King of Bacchus 2009

The Boston Hearld reports, “Actor Val Kilmer, will reign as this year’s king of the Mardi Gras Krewe of Bacchus“.

Actor Val Kilmer, 2009 King Bacchus, has been known for his great acting roles in Braveheart, Tombstone, Top Gun, The Doors, etc. Though he may be looking to act in a political role in the near future.

The New Mexico Independent announced, “Val Kilmer has hired the Washington public relations firm McMahon, Squier & Associates to handle communications and media for his potential gubernatorial campaign, a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed“.

Also, from The Seattle Times, “Val Kilmer ponders running for governor of New Mexico“.

From New Orleans to a “run for the Stronghold” of New Mexico, you might say.


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